12.19.18Eleanor Coode


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The Old Bay String Band

11.15.18Lauren Baker

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10.09.18Stepanie Wheare

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The Old Bay String Band

05.28.18Carol Smith

We have heard you play at Elk Run Winery several time and loved your music. We were at the 50th Anniv. last Saturday but had to leave before we could speak to you. We are interested in two hours of music at Elk Run on September 8th 2018. Our daughter is getting married. We don't want the usual wedding stuff, just your good music to listen to or if anyone wants to dance. Please let me know if you are available and your fee. Thank you Carol Smith



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07.07.15David Lynn III

Sample tunes sound great!!!!!!!!!!!!

08.19.14Meredith Shusterman

KCBL Radio
Backroads Bluegrass
Al Shusterman
5717 Reinhold St.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Dear Joe Zauner:

My name is Al Shusterman, and I produce a weekly old time country, Americana, & bluegrass music program entitled \\\"Backroads Bluegrass\\\" on station KCBL Radio in Sacramento, CA.

Backroads Bluegrass has been on this station for the last 27 years, and is the only program of its kind in Sacramento. Although, my base is Sacramento, the program is streamed worldwide. I play the newest releases and rereleases of all CDs as well as vintage 33 1/3 albums.

I just received a project entitled, \\\"Patuxent Banjo Project\\\". You played Angelina Baker on this project. I really loved your playing. If you have a banjo instrumental project available it would be greatly appreciated if you send it to me so I can share it with my listeners. For each cd sent to me, I will mention your band, your email address & how my listeners can purchase your projects. All projects receive \\\"airplay\\\".

Thanks for your assistance,

Al Shusterman

P.S. My telephone number is 916-961-9511, & my email address is Meredith_shusterman@yahoo.com

11.29.13Doug Stubed

Are you guys still playing? I'm interested in hiring you for my daughters-big bluegrass fan- wedding Labor Day weekend 2014. Can you get back to me about availability and $. Wedding is going to be at Corsica River Yacht Club- across from Conquest Beach.

06.18.13john silbernagel

Hey Sean. we met at the DU party on Saturday. I\\\'m hoping to have a paarty for my daughter on August 10 or 11 and was wondering if you guys will be available. it will be in Bel Air, md 15 minutes from where you were Saturday.

thanks...John Silbernagel 410-688-7973

01.18.13Michelle Bruno

Hello All,
I am very interested in hearing some of your music (which I was unable to hear on your website), I am currently looking for a band to play at my upcoming wedding in May 2014. I noticed on your website that it has not been updated since 2006, and I was wondering if you still do events. I think you all would be a perfect fit! I am extremely excited to hear back from you!
With enthusiasm,

01.09.13Blane Cox

I have a slammer and an up-tempo tune you all may like to sing at live shows. May I email the MP3s + lyric sheets to see if there’s interest?

Blane Cox BMI
Winner 2006 NSAI Best of Song Evaluations CD


07.18.12cybil bell

We are having a casual wine tasting event for 150 of our clients on Saturday, September 15th at Black Ankle Vineyard in Mt. Airy, Maryland.
The event would take place outdoors from 5-9pm. Please let me know if you are available and how much it would cost.


07.17.12Chris Stadter


We were interested potentially having you play at our weddng in May 2013. Can you send us information regarding pricing and availability? Any other information you might be able to provide would be useful as well as some specifics regarding music you might be able to play for us.

Look forward to hearing from you!


is mtsoul still together and making music

08.12.09Patrice Newman

How many are in your band? Are you available for a barn dance for a wedding rehearsal dance July 3rd evening? What is the cost? We think we have a caller.

01.01.09Gert van den Hof

Dear Shawn, at last I find you back in a new group after Mountain Soul. You mailed me once that you would leave your place to go somewhere else. I asked you for more music like Trotline (still a very good album!) , but I don't see any album with this group. Will I have to be patient and for how long?

07.12.08Claire Ely

Hi Shawn,
I am hoping to find out more about your band and the type of performances you offer. My boyfriend and I are bluegrass and old time string band fans. I am just doing a little research for possible upcoming parties and events during which we may want some live music. Can you tell me your typical rate for an hour long performance? Do you ever learn special songs and is there an additional fee? What sort of sound requirements do you have? Thanks in advance! Claire Ely

01.19.08robert aydlett

I would like to see if you are available for a wedding vunue on June 7, 2008 that will be held in St. Micheals Maryland at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. We are big fans of bluegrass and would enjoy having you perform at our wedding. Please let us know if you are available for that date.


Robert Aydlett

09.16.07Sonny Smith

Howdy Shawn,
Proud to see you are bring East Tennessee to the eastern Seaboard. Hope you are doing well.

07.20.07Leslie Long

Hi Shawn

I talked to you at the MSSA meeting regarding an outdoor party we are planning on Sept 15 in Upper Marlboro. I was wondering if you were available and wanted to verify the fees etc.

I check the work email up until 5pm but the fishoff3 one we check all the time. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks

01.03.07Sherry Snider

Hey, Shawn- we met at the dog park... love your music...Having small B'day party on Jan27th, sat eve, are you available? It will be at Deep Creek Restaurant (Do you know it?) in Arnold. The space can only have 50 people and the room, while private, has relatively low ceilings and is fairly small. They say amps don't work well in there but guitars do- would you be interested? Very low key and relaxed- it's basically a dinner party, though it would be hard NOT to try and dance to your music!! Dancing would have to be on the tables. Sherry